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Our Vision for Massey Regional Park

Our Vision is based on the Regional Park model:

The Park provides a freely accessible open space harbour and coastal landscape for quiet spiritual enjoyment.

The Park is appreciated for educating about biodiversity restoration and historic heritage.

People are actively using the Park for walking, swimming, picnicking, running, and cycling.

The biodiversity values of the Parks remnant native forest, shrubland, coastal escarpment and the backdrop of Wellington City and harbour, are protected and regenerating to native forest.

The Park is a biodiversity urban refugia, providing a safe haven for our wildlife free from predating possums and mustelids.

The historic Fort Gordon/Ballance gun emplacements, the Massey Memorial, and archaeological sites, are protected and interpreted as examples of our cultural history.

Surplus adjoining Telecom, NIWA, Defence and Prison land is added to the Park when its present use stops

Specialised appropriate community uses such as Orienteering and multisports are thriving.

The Coastal Trail walking track is completed from the Maupuia Walkway around to Scorching Bay.

A regular ferry service provides ready access from the City Centre to Shelly Bay.

The Park is actively supported by the community, iwi, tourism, Councils, and Government Departments.

Massey Regional Park is valued:

"Our parks are the storehouse of our past and, mnore importantly, our future.

The environmental value of parks is immense and increasingly significant in our urbanised world.

Our networks of diverse parks protect and conserve unique species, ecosystems, landscapes, and geological features.

As climate change takes hold, parks will grow in value by protecting carbon-storing vegetation and buffering habitat.

Contact with nature enriches our psychological, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Parks are places of adventure and challenge, exercise, peace and quiet, recreation, gathering and relaxation. In them, we find a sense of community spirit and wonder with nature. Parks offer a range of recreation activities to bring families and friends together in appealing places."

From Parks Forum

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